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One Punch Man Episode 12 English Subbed the series continue as Saitama a hero for fun battle his powerful foes. Can he eliminate them with one punch. Continue to watch this animation and have fun watching it for free.
As the battle continue between Saitama vs Boros, the Class S  heroes defeated the alien with regeneration skill. While Tornado or Tatsumaki throwing rubbles towards the alien spaceship using here telekenesis. Boros on the other hand releases his full potential to fight Saitama but fail to defeat Saitama with serious punch. Now the battle was concluded in favor of Saitama and Borus stated that Saitama is withholding much of his power. Now the crisis of God threat stops and Hero Association continue to save the city. Monsters continue attacking the city but thanks  to Saitama and the heroes they keep the cities safe.


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As Saitama enter the alien spaceship and destroys elite soldiers and doing some rampage inside the spaceship. The controller having problems on how to stop Saitama. Now outside the alien spaceship Bang, Puri Puri Prisoner and few Class S fighting a strong alien but has fast regeneration skills. Nonetheless Metal Bat discover its source of regeneration and the Class S continue to attack the alien. Inside the alien spaceship Saitama loss his way in the ship and later encounter the controller with ESPER skills ability but when he attack Saitama it has no effect on him. With one single throw of rock Saitama defeated the controller. Now Saitama is about to face off Borus “The Dominator of the Universe” the leader of the aliens.

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The action continue in One Punch Man when a subterranean monster starts to rampage in the city. While Memum Rider on his way to fight the enemy and when he reach the place the monster is already dead. Later that day another subterranean monsters starts to attack the city and the Class B heroes on the rescue but fail to stop The Deep Sea King. As Saitama approaches the place where the Deep Sea King he found out that those Class B heroes are lying on the floor unconscious. Now finally Saitama get to duel with the Sea King and kill him in one punch. Nonetheless the people doubted Saitama’s victory towards the monster and they think Saitama cheated. However to Saitama its no big deal whatever the people think about him. He just laugh, ride on what the people think about him.



Watch One Punch Man Episode 8 English Subbed – VF

Heroes are being dispatch as the Deep Sea King continue to wreck havoc in the city. Lightning Max got toe on toe with Deep Sea King but the Deep Sea King prevail. Now Puri Puri Prisoner fight the Deep Sea King the battle is so intense that it lasted for a few minutes. At that moment Speed-O-Sonic also fight the monster but fail and escape. Now Genos arrive at the scene and begin to fight the monster but having difficulty while trying to keep the people safe from monster. Now Saitama comes to the rescue and the battle become very intense. Check out for more battle in One Punch Man

Watch One Punch Man Episode 7 English Subbed – VF

Coming towards the planet Earth is a huge chunk of meteor, while the Hero Association preparing for all necessary contingency to minimize the mortality rate. All Class S Heroes has been called for the incoming chaos. Genos as he is on his way meet Silver Fang a martial expert in some kind of fluid technique. So the story continue where Genos is dispatch to incinerate the approaching meteor but Metal Knight as well come to do the task. Genos asking Metal Knight to work together to destroy the incoming meteor but Metal Knight disapprove. While the two with all their high-tech weapon targeted the meteor but they fail. So while Bang is watching the scene and Genos was exhausted trying to destroy the meteor, Saitama come to the scene jump towards the incoming meteor, punch through the meteor and shattered into block of rocks all over the Z city. While there are zero casualty some building in the area are totally damage.


Now after that incident as Genos relate what might be the outcome if Metal Knight work together with Saitama, the damages made by the meteor will be minimized. Then further more Saitama was surprise because when he learn that he is in Class C #5 which he could not anticipated to soar further in ranking. After that Saitama walking around the Z city two class B hero when they found out what he has done started to make a heresy of how Saitama cheated and got all points to himself. After they mock Saitama the people in Z city respond with ungratefulness while Tanktop Tiger and Black Hole want to take down Saitama but they fail. While the people are cursing Saitama, he just shout out back at them and that he don’t care what the people might say to him and if they want to find him, he is ready to spar.

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Saitama is just having a laid back life reading some manga while Genos is observing all unorthodox training methods, keeping notes to his every action. Saitama think of how much of a discomfort it must be just to follow the charade becoming a master for Genos. Genos telling Saitama how he needs to get the quota in order to keep the license as a hero or else he will be disqualified. This will only happened to the C-Class heroes. After hearing the revelation, Saitama went out patrolling. As soon as he was about to go, Genos ask to accompany him but Saitama disapprove and give Genos training tips.  Although in the back of his mind he does not know how train Genos. After few hours of looking for action to get the quota Saitama feel so anxious afraid to loss his hero license.


Another unfavorable moment came, with Sonic came to challenge him with their unfinished business. However, he just ignore him but Sonic wanted to entice Saitama to fight. Sonic throwing an exploding shuriken to Tanktop Tiger which at that time trying to discredit Saitama because he did not know him but Tanktop Tiger fell unconscious. As Saitama about to leave the place Sonic starts to throw exploding shuriken to the place and it become very chaotic. And so Saitama trying to help people but then realize that he is hero and he has the best situation to maintain his hero license. So he attack Sonic and he get his quota.


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“The Ultimate Master”
Just before they can become licensed heroes, Saitama and Genos need first successfully pass a physical and written qualification in order to prove that they possess what it takes to become a hero. Saitama easily passes the physical exam, breaking all the occurring records along with most of the equipment. However, he scores poorly on the written test, passing by a single point, while at the same time Genos gets perfect scores on both and is given a special S rank, with Saitama is in C rank. Saitama and Genos then listen to an A class presenter named Sneck instructs a class on being a hero, though the pair are undoubtedly stronger than their instructor. Sneck becomes irritated with Saitama for not listening and tries to teach him a lesson, only to embarrass himself when he ends up defeated by Saitama. Later that day, Genos asks to spar with Saitama, having received new upgrades.


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“The Obsessive Scientist”

The story explains the story of Doctor Genus, a great young researcher with expertise of synthetically developing people that comes to be disillusioned with the world, eventually uncovering the secret to everlasting life and producing multiple clones of himself. Saitama stop conversation in his rashness and also Armored Gorilla after that describes that Doctor Genus desires Saitama for his experiments. Genos and also Saitama decide to strike quickly, since a shop is having a mega-sale the following day. When they are about leave, Genos asks Armored Gorilla if he knows of any cyborgs active 4 years ago that have destroyed any kind of towns, to which Armored Gorilla responds that he recognizes of none besides himself. In preparation for Saitama’s arrival, the house of Evolution sets traps in all 8 of the center’s floors as well as reluctantly choose to launch Carnage Kabuto, its most powerful and irrepressible creation.