Watch Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 4 English Subbed – VF

Watch Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 4 English Subbed – VF, as the chapter of this video goes more exciting to watch.


As the scouts learned that Ymir is also a Titan mentioned by Pastor Nick. The scouts regiment along with Levi and Hange set forth to help those who are in ruin castle near the city. While 104 scouts regimen and recruits resting the night they were talking about what happen to their own town and what are their speculation especially with Ymir who can read some writings in the bottle wine and the canned food. Suddenly they were interrupted by their captain as Titans started to roam around outside the ruins even it is night time.


So the captains have made preparations and commanded Conny, Reiner, Christa and the rest of team who don’t have any ODM gear to take cover inside the castle. As the battle start 4 scouts fighting the Titans and one instance that one of them killed a tall Titan and fell over the short titans. Nonetheless they discovered that the door below the castle has been breach. So one of the captains commanded the recruits to secure the door below. As Reiner carefully checking out the ground floor and as he open the last door he was shock to stumble over a Titan who saw him and attack him. At that moment, as Reiner trying to escape from the Titan and secure the door, Conny and Ymir help Reiner escape but in just a second Reiner was beaten by the Titan in his arm but Reiner courageously lift the Titan single handedly and bring it to the window while Conny help Reiner to escape from the mouth of the Titan, Ymir kick the Titan in the window and fall.


So as the captains lost their gas supply for their ODM gear while 2 of them died in the top of the castle. The rest of the captains decided to give their lives as heroes. Now Conny and Reiner are helpless along with the rest of team. What they have is only a short knife which Ymir ask to give it to her from Conny. While the Titans continue to multiple in the area Ymir did something which the rest of thing did not expect. She jump into the Titans but before she reach the Titans she cuts her hands and a bolt of red light appearing over the head of the Titan and Ymir transform into one of them.

Watch Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 3 English Subbed – VF

Watch Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 3 English Subbed – VF, the battle is about to start and it somehow trigger some anger and hate and it become a worse scenario in this video.


As the scout regimen continue to protect the walls Conny has arrived in here hometown crying because it was destroyed. However their captains and the rest of the subordinate was boggled because while there are presence of Titans in the area especially the home of Conny, they cannot find any trace or drop of blood from people in the village if they are allegedly eating by Titans. As the scouts intend to continue their mission Conny left alone hearing the voice of the Titan lying flat in his house saying welcome home. He think that it was the voice of her mother but his colleague told him that they are soldiers that they need to carry out their mission above all.

While the scout regimen lead by Hange and Levi going to the City along with the supplies, they have a conversation and forcing Pastor Nick to say something what he has known about the Titans but still he did not say anything. While the troops reaches their destination some 104 recruits without any ODM gears stayed at night in the ruined castle and resting but was awaken because they where surrounded with plenty of Titans. Furthermore the Beast Titan who defeated Miche climbing the wall and Pastor Nick have seen the horrible throng of people who are evacuating from the wall to the inner City away from the gate. Later on he mentioned a name that could tell what he know. On their preparation to the ruined castle Levi a command that Hange and Armin work together, while Erwin must protect Eren at all cost. The scout have seen something unusual about the Titans since they are not active during the night but this time around the opposite happen.


Watch Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 1 English Subbed – VF

Watch Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 1 English Subbed – VF, watch the new episode of the attack on titan and see what’s happening in this video.

The Attack on Titans continue series, now season 2 after Annie froze herself in crystal state, Hange commanded some soldiers to break the crystal while being alerted by the presence of a Titan in the Walls where a pastor asking for a favor to keep her in a cold tempereature. Later on Hange confront and investigate Pastor Nick any information, but fail to learn anything after some threats. Few hours at that moment, there are some recruits who are hidden at an outpost in southern side in the Wall Rose which are suspected for being a Titan accomplice. Nevertheless they are forcefully to run away from the outpost because some Titans are appearing in the area. Together with Miche Zacharius they battle the Titans to make other escape and spare some civilians.



Then Eren awaken from his dream where he was being scolded by his mother for fighting and watching Mikasa sleep at his bed side. Now Mikasa wakes up and being informed by Armin that they have spotted some Titans in the Wall Rose. Miche who use himself as a decoy have already killed 5 of the 9 Titans and decided to run away from outpost, even with having some troubles with beast-like Titan. However, the Beast Titan take hold of his horse toss it towards Miche, which lead him at the mouth of the Titans, Nevertheless something change with the Beast Titan because the Titan turn out having a conversation with Miche asking about ODM gear. Later on Miche then come to himself to continue the fight however was eaten by other Titans and was torn apart with the Beast commanding the Titans to eat the human.


Watch Boruto Episode 3 English Subbed – VF

Watch the adventure ninja of Boruto, the son of the 9th Hokage of Konoha. Boruto is one of the talented ninja that aims to surpass his father and somehow follow the footsteps of his father’s rival named Sasuke. The new story become more exciting and fascinating as it goes deeper.

The Boruto: Naruto Next generations continue series when a teacher of shinobi student started to lecture about the use of shuriken.  Now the new students are training how to throw a shuriken. Now the good thing we can expect from this new series is that these kids are the new batch of shinobi from the popular shinobi of Naruto’s time. While suddenly Boruto came tossing a forbidden shuriken and Metal Lee want to stop the shiruken but his foot slips to the center of the shuriken and fly away with it but fall fine. While Boruto being confronted with his teacher about the prank.


After the confrontation the students are given a new task as a disciplinary action. Later on, they are carving the stone of the rock face of Hokage Naruto. Boruto complaint since the task is not for developing their ninjutsu. However to his teammates they felt honor to repair the rock face of the Hokage. Later on some students found themselves instead for working on the rock face of the Hokage they are playing video games. But Metal Lee got carried away with his emotion thinking that he should be careful in working on face rock of the Hokage. Well, the result is just the opposite because while the work almost finish Metal just created huge break in the rock face of the Hokage.


Watch One Punch Man Episode 10 English Subbed – VF

The series continue after Saitama defeated the Deep Sea King and another monster appear in the mountain but was defeated easily Tatsunaki an Esper. Later that day Genos and Saitama was invited by Bang (Silver Fang) in his jodo and he ask Saitama to join his jodo to which Saitama decline. While Bang’s student having a quarrel with Saitama an agent from Hero Association Headquarters bringing news to meet all class-S  because of the incoming threat foreseen by a seer. While having an emergency meeting some monster flying in the sky begin attacking the HQ but was killed by a flying alien. They found out that the prediction start to happen since a giant spaceship appears suddenly above the city. Saitama starts his fight as disappear in the meeting.

Watch One Punch Man Episode 7 English Subbed – VF

Coming towards the planet Earth is a huge chunk of meteor, while the Hero Association preparing for all necessary contingency to minimize the mortality rate. All Class S Heroes has been called for the incoming chaos. Genos as he is on his way meet Silver Fang a martial expert in some kind of fluid technique. So the story continue where Genos is dispatch to incinerate the approaching meteor but Metal Knight as well come to do the task. Genos asking Metal Knight to work together to destroy the incoming meteor but Metal Knight disapprove. While the two with all their high-tech weapon targeted the meteor but they fail. So while Bang is watching the scene and Genos was exhausted trying to destroy the meteor, Saitama come to the scene jump towards the incoming meteor, punch through the meteor and shattered into block of rocks all over the Z city. While there are zero casualty some building in the area are totally damage.


Now after that incident as Genos relate what might be the outcome if Metal Knight work together with Saitama, the damages made by the meteor will be minimized. Then further more Saitama was surprise because when he learn that he is in Class C #5 which he could not anticipated to soar further in ranking. After that Saitama walking around the Z city two class B hero when they found out what he has done started to make a heresy of how Saitama cheated and got all points to himself. After they mock Saitama the people in Z city respond with ungratefulness while Tanktop Tiger and Black Hole want to take down Saitama but they fail. While the people are cursing Saitama, he just shout out back at them and that he don’t care what the people might say to him and if they want to find him, he is ready to spar.

Watch One Punch Man Episode 6 English Subbed – VF



Saitama is just having a laid back life reading some manga while Genos is observing all unorthodox training methods, keeping notes to his every action. Saitama think of how much of a discomfort it must be just to follow the charade becoming a master for Genos. Genos telling Saitama how he needs to get the quota in order to keep the license as a hero or else he will be disqualified. This will only happened to the C-Class heroes. After hearing the revelation, Saitama went out patrolling. As soon as he was about to go, Genos ask to accompany him but Saitama disapprove and give Genos training tips.  Although in the back of his mind he does not know how train Genos. After few hours of looking for action to get the quota Saitama feel so anxious afraid to loss his hero license.


Another unfavorable moment came, with Sonic came to challenge him with their unfinished business. However, he just ignore him but Sonic wanted to entice Saitama to fight. Sonic throwing an exploding shuriken to Tanktop Tiger which at that time trying to discredit Saitama because he did not know him but Tanktop Tiger fell unconscious. As Saitama about to leave the place Sonic starts to throw exploding shuriken to the place and it become very chaotic. And so Saitama trying to help people but then realize that he is hero and he has the best situation to maintain his hero license. So he attack Sonic and he get his quota.