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Episode 4: The Warabimpics are Starting

Warabi Hanasaka came back from Hawaii and was disappointed when she saw that Mary Kikakujo and Rin Onigawara have become Nomura’s ally and have not able to change him and will carry out their correction. Warabi make a plan to fight against Nomura and create an event called The Festival of Blood, The Sports Deathival!  In order to defeat Warabi, Rin, Mary and Nomura should participate on the activities planned by Warabi and need to battle against her and has the three musketeers named Tsunemi Toko, Kinue Tanukihara and Nico Saruwatari. The first game is sumo wrestling. Nomura went in the arena little did he know that he will be fighting with a bear named Kyo-bo the brutal. Nomura didn’t have any difficulties in defeating Kyo-bo since he had undergone training when he was just a kid and win the fight right away.

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Episode 3: The Fair Sword, Mary Kikakujo

Nomura was warned by his new friend to be careful about Mary Kikakujo for she is one much cruel than Rin. The following day, Rin came in Nomura’s dorm as her supervisor and has to watch him all the time but Mary is against it. Rin don’t want Mary to interfere and warned her that he is her responsibility. The two argue and started a fight.  Choka leave Mary and Rin fighting and went to chase to stop Nomura. Nomura once again defeated Choka and by that time he saw a lady who looked like Amo but she denies that she isn’t that person and then disappear when Mary came. Rin got defeated since she just recovered from her condition. Mary went ahead of her and saw Nomura’s pants loosen and saw what she doesn’t want to see. And again Nomura had another day fight. Nomura always got stub by Mary’s sword thinking that he would defeat Nomura because of the nerve she hit but Nomura is very skilful and doing the bullet technique again allowing him to become victorious and Mary decided to take responsibility and joining Rin in supervising Nomura’s behaviour.

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Episode 2: The Chastity Dorm Riot

Nomura like to have a peace offering to Rin, he bought a cake for her but he couldn’t find Rin in the school so he decided to go there since Rin didn’t come to school because of fever. Rin woke up and remembered Nomura what he did to here and suddenly getting burst up with emotions. Getting mix with emotional especially thinking about the kiss and suddenly she heard something outside her room and took her blade with her and then suddenly Nomura appears in the window carrying the cake and at the same time stopping Rin from attacking. Nomura face is just so close to Rin causing Rin turning red and here fever went high again. Nomura gave the cake to Rin and told her that she is cute and Rin got blushed. Nomura asked Rin to take the mask thinking that she is cute but Rin is embarrassed. Nomura asked Rin regarding the valid slip and Rin gave him the slip and Nomura said something to her that she fainted and Nomura hold the part of her sleeve and the button loosened just when one of the girls (Nono) who took care of Rin saw Nomura holding Rin got mad and press the alarm and Nomura had to run away and avoid from those booby-trapped. Choka the younger sister of Mary one of the Supreme Five Swords saw Nomura running and called him to fight with him and Nono came and wanted to fight Nomura and both decided to fight against him but both failed.

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The Magnificent Blade: Rin Onigawara

In Aichi Coexistence Private Academy School, there are 5 girls named Rin Onigawara, Mary Kikakujo, Satori Tamaba, Warabi Hanasaka and Tsukuyo Inaba named as the Supreme Five Swords are on their meeting to talk about the incoming new male student at their school on how to deal with him especially on his behaviour.  Fudo Nomura a male student who was expelled from his previous school after causing a brawl and who is now transferred to an armed school. As Nomura entered the school he meets girls have weapons and even shock when he sees all men wearing make-up. Nomura on his sides loves to have freedom but the girls wanted to change him and discipline him. The girls initiate their first step. As Nomura entered his room he then meet the girls and was shocked and confused and a bit scared as Rin Onigawara shows off her blade in from of him and telling him that he will correct his behaviour but Nomura still didn’t understand what they are doing and one of the girls explain the reason why the group existed because of the past experience that they are being threatened and scared of the boys ever since their school accepted boys as the school are all girls only and so they started arming them like vigilant group and from that day forward the Supreme Five Swords existed.  Boys from other school are transferred to their academy in order to be corrected. Rin gave Nomura two options either he change or leave the school but Nomura is a bit stubborn and refused to pick one of the options. Nomura was very fast and able to get away from the group but Rin tried to chase him and fight him with her blade. Nomura fight against Rin and use his Spirit bullet and that’s how the fight ended and one of the girls running towards Nomura and hit him in his head and accidently kiss Rin.